After a collision with a deer near München (by the way, it’s the 12th anniversary of my Tesla Roadster), the parking sensors are not working anymore. OK, small issue. So, I continued driving to Bucharest to leave it at Tesla service for repair works.

Coming from the Supercharger this happened…

Returning from the Supercharger to my home in Bucharest – a fun drive through Bucharest – I park the car and the battery status indicator starts to make weird things…

The car is no longer available in the app, so I try to go there and open it. It does not open, no matter which trick I am trying: multiple clicks on the trunk, 12V battery shortcut, Wi-Fi hotspot near the car…
So, I had to ask a tow car to take it to Tesla (EUR 200). Tesla’s diagnosis suggests the replacement of the battery. The cost is of EUR 13,000 for a brand new 90kW battery with 2 years warranty.

Repairing defective Tesla batteries – the most sustainable solution

Coincidentally, the company Electrify Europe (https://www.electrifyeurope.be/) contacted me one week ago wanting to be a sponsor for our ecoGP event.
They offer the service of repairing defective Tesla batteries! EVs can be more sustainable than I thought! Simply awesome!
Easy decision: I booked a transport to Belgium (EUR 700) to get it repaired there. Fingers crossed that this will work.
The message I would like to promote for 80edays 2024 is that: “This car got its battery repaired at 594,010 km in 2023 and started some months later its second around the world 40,000 km trip!”