FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work to vote for a team?

There are two ways to vote.
Follow this link for more details.

2. Why eco Grand Prix is competing in different tracks at different seasons?

We want to showcase the unexpected huge range of any electric car in any climate condition.

3. Why eco Grand Prix is not installing charge stations for eco GP events?

One of the missions of eco Grand Prix is to take away the doubts regarding range anxiety. We show like Rafael de Mestre already did 2012 at www.80edays.com/genesis that you can use the billions of installed electric plugs like they exist at race tracks like in hotels all around the world. Rafael de Mestre said 2012 “You can get power at any gas station or hotels but at a hotel you won’t get gas”

4. What prizes can I win in a race?

Being the best of your car class every driver will get a gold medal. You will get also GP points, check out here (link to the gp point tables) for the calculation. The top 3 collecting most GP points in one season (one calendar year) will get the series winner trophies.

5. Why Hydrogen cars are not allowed to start?

eco Grand Prix is having the oppinion hydrogen being the wrong technology for cars. There are a lot of arguments against this technology. Check out in the Internet why car manufacturers are focusing on electric cars now.

6. Why hybrid cars are not allowed to start?

eco Grand Prix wants to push the technology to get emission free. Hybrid technologies are slowing down the acceleration towards sustainable transport.

7. Am I allowed to start with an EV with range extender?

Yes we like this thrilling idea to drive an EV without gas in the extender showing the viewers this being not needed.

8. Why Bio Diesel cars are not allowed to start?

We simply don’t support any kind of burning resources. Check out the solar plant having the power of a nuclear power plant.

9. How does the competition for kids work?

Kids can compete driving remote control electric cars as many laps as possible as their parents.
Depending on the amount of participants several runs make the winner.
The top three win toys and the winner an original ecoGP medal.

10. How my child can participate at ecoGP for kids?

Children between 6 and 14 are allowed to participate. Please register online here to assure a start slot.

11. May I drive a test car or my car on the race track to check the max. speed?

In case your car is following FIA regulations you may be allowed to do it. The FIA conformity check has to be run through and the valid documents have to be shown. In case you’re fulfilling these conditions you’re welcome to contact us here.


12. Is my car insured at the race track?

Please check your policy. eco Grand Prix is normally covered by insurance companies because of the format not taking lap timings nor the fastest leading to the winner podium. It is categorised by insurance companies as touristic drive with less risk than track days.

There are special race insurances available online in case your insurance is excluding race tracks. Welcome to Google for Motorsport insurances. The total damage of all scratches done at all cars in 7 years of eco Grand Prix are less than the costs of one race policy for one race for one car.

13. Do you book hotels?

eco Grand Prix recommends partner hotels but does not book any room. Please use chargehotels.com to book your hotel in case you need a hotel with charge station.






Copyright 2019 © Eco Grand Prix NGO



Copyright 2019 © Eco Grand Prix NGO