Eco Grand Prix has a highly experienced and international team, with its headquarters located in Bucharest, Romania. The CEO of the company is Rafael de Mestre, who made history in 2012 by becoming the first person to travel around the world in an electric production car. The trip inspired Rafael to create Eco Grand Prix. With his passion for sustainable and eco-friendly mobility, de Mestre has become a driving force in the field of electric car technology.

The team includes experienced event organizers, programming professionals, marketing and design experts, all working together to manage unforgettable racing experiences. Each member brings his unique expertise and perspectives to the table, making Eco Grand Prix a truly international and diverse company offering their services to other sustainable projects like Solar Butterfly.

What we are doing?

We organize endurance races for electric cars, with the aim of promoting sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. The unique feature of these races is that they focus on the endurance and efficiency of the cars rather than their speed. This means that participants do not need fast charging stations or futuristic batteries to compete, but rather a well-planned and energy-efficient approach. We inspired and supported other sustainable events and projects in Social Media promotion and marketing.

An exciting teambuilding opportunity

Eco Grand Prix offers an exciting opportunity for people to experience the thrill of a racetrack, from amateur clubs to corporate teams. In fact, the company encourages corporate teams to participate, as it can serve as an innovative team building activity and a platform for self-promotion on a large scale. Sales and marketing teams can compete against each other to see who has the better strategy and planning skills.

Eco Grand Prix is a unique pioneer and exciting company that offers a fresh perspective on racing promoting the adoption of sustainable mobility on an international scale.

By organizing endurance races for electric cars, Eco Grand Prix aims to raise awareness about the potential of eco-friendly vehicles and showcase that they can be both fun and safer than gas cars.

Pioneer in e-mobility field

As first organizer of 24h electric car races in 2018, eco Grand Prix is setting new standards in the motorsport organizations like DMSB in the area of club sport. Partnering with ADAC and other organizations it is now planning to organize in addition speed races to excite people watching the extreme acceleration power and advantages of the new technology.

Organizing endurance races for electric cars since 2013, making it the pioneers in this field.

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Copyright © 2024 by international ecoGP organisations.
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