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When Rafael de Mestre was 4 years old he got in touch with his first electric car. This auto scooter impressed him so much that from this moment he was electrified by dreaming from the power of a scooter you could drive on the street not stinking or making noise. Exactly 50 years later – already infected with the electric power of a Tesla Roadster – he didn’t understand people not being excited about this technology, having a lot of doubts and always about the same things:

Range – charging speed – Infrastructure




Having the experience of already having driven around the world fully electric 2012 and knowing that people with money to do so have no time and the ones having time but no money to buy an EV, Rafael decided to create a format that would be easy to join for everyone.

With your help spreading the word of fun and your close follow up of this series, we will inform and change the minds of people more effective to get a better world.

Not liking to make things that already existed and always with the focus “together we are stronger” he joined the eco Series in Spain to push it forward and added 2013 eco Grand Prix as an own category for electric cars. Regretfully, the series was cancelled due to not enough sponsors and participants, but Rafael decided to continue eco Grand Prix on his own in 2014, even with only 5 cars and repeating the message that electric cars have a good range and charging speed for more and more people, investing his own money in this format. After his second around the world in 2016, suddenly the series got double the participants and Rafael decided it was time to be ready to go international, showing e-mobility in extreme conditions: a snow competition and a 24h endurance challenge. The 24h of Germany at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben was the biggest success so far having 116 drivers competing to be the one driving the most laps.


Rafael states Lithium Batteries are just the beginning of a huge improvement to come in this brand new technology. Exciting to see the cars breaking boundaries of people’s minds in future.


For our children.






Copyright © 2024 by international ecoGP organizations.
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Copyright © 2024 by international ecoGP organisations.
All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy