In this section you will find out how to SMS vote for your favourite team.

First, you can help your favourite team to get back on track.
Teams speeding in speed limit areas get every 2 seconds they are above a speed limit penalty points depending on her speed over the limit. In case they have more than zero points after one lap they are not allowed to proceed until the penalty point counter is back zero. 1 point means 1 minute of waiting time in the PP zone where charging is not allowed, even the driver has to stay in the car. In the moment the car is in the PP zone you can release the driver from the pain to wait accelerating the countdown via your SMS votes. You will see live the counter counting faster after your vote!

This will allow the team to get back to the race faster!

Second, you can vote for your favorite team at any time from the team registration to the race finish. 25% of the money raised from these votes will go to the ecoGP team. The team has the option to use it for costs covering or the option to donate the money to a charity.

The team that has the most votes will win the thumbs up prize. The team with most Thumbs Up prices will get the honor to keep the SUN trophy till someone else will get more thumbs collected.

*If one team registers for the whole season, the team fans can vote for it the whole year.


CountryPhone numberSMS textSMS costService activation
Germany82555PJP4 ECOGPnn1.99 EURTelekom
France81003PIP ECOGPnn1.50 EUR
Romania1401PJP ECOGPnn1.08 EUR
Spain25165POP ECOGPnn1.45 EUR
Switzerland565DAG PJP ECOGPnn2.00 CHF
Morocco5577PJP ECOGPnn5.00 MAD

“nn” stands for team number. For example, if you want to vote for team 1 the SMS text in Germany would be: PJP ECOGP01 

If your country is not on this list, please send us an email at requesting to add it.

Before voting via SMS, please check in your provider account settings if premium SMS is activated.





Copyright © by international 2021 ecoGP organisations.
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Privacy Policy

Copyright © by international 2021 ecoGP organisations.
All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy