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24h WESERBERGLAND Rally – powered by ecoGP

Helmet not allowed, driver age min. 18 years. Unlimited charge stops allowed. Max allowed charging speed 22kW. Shared 32A three phase sockets and 22kW CCS/ChaDeMo DC available. Every team is allowed to bring its own charging equipment but plug in only to charge stations possible. Co-driver or guest allowed to drive in the car together with the pilot. Driver changes allowed as many as wanted. Every driver needs the DMSB License C or a corresponding License of the national Motorsport Associations. The DMSB License C (one challenge about 20€, whole season about 50€) you can buy here: https://mein.dmsb.de/web/start


CarCountryTeamTeam numberSeries teamConfirmed
Volkswagen e-GolfE-Golfis01
Hyundai IoniqEnerix06
Tesla Model 3Hamann Spedition Team 3
Tesla Model SHamann Spedition Team S
Porsche Taycan TurboMichel & Müller
Smart EQ fortwoe-MOTION -e-Ringe25

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Only electric vehicles are allowed to start. They have to be homologated for driving at public roads at the country of competition having valid papers, insurance and car plates with the permit on driving on public roads and highways.

Every car type sets it’s record on a race track to be beaten by the same car type. Every starter who intends to start in more than one race has to announce it before starting his first race.

All drivers of a winning team will get the same points. The points of all races of one season are added. The ecoGP series winners are the ones who have most of the points collected after the last race of the season. 

Every competition is having slightly different rules, please visit the dedicated competition pages to download the specific rules.

Points are also distributed to the manufacturers of the cars so driving a Tesla whatever Model will give points to Tesla, same for BMW, Porsche, Kia or whatever brand. The manufacturer with most points will get the trophy handed over officially after the last race of the season.

Starting by season 2022 converted cars are allowed to participate in the converted EV class.


1st place25 GP points
2nd place20 GP points
3rd place15 GP points
4th place10 GP points
5th place7 GP points
6th place5 GP points
7th place4 GP points
8th place3 GP points
9th place2 GP points
10th place1 GP point

Copyright © 2022 by international ecoGP organisations.
All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy

Copyright © 2022 by international ecoGP organisations.
All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy