07-08 AUGUST 2021


Eco Grand Prix electric car race UK flag

24 Hours ecoGP of Navarra

24h full electric endurance Challenge at the Circuito de Navarra. Helmet obligatory. Driver age min. 18 years. Unlimited charge stops allowed at the pit lane. Max allowed charging speed 22kW. Shared 32A three phase sockets available. Every team has to bring its own charging equipment. No Co-driver or guest allowed to drive in the car together with the pilot. Driver changes allowed as many as wanted. Every driver needs the DMSB License C or a corresponding License of the national Motorsport Associations. The DMSB License C you can buy here:

Registration fees for express reservations before May 31
– Private teams: € 400, plus € 25 per driver.
– Association and company teams: € 1,200, plus € 25 per driver.
All prices plus 19% VAT.

Registration fees from June 1
– Private teams: € 500, plus € 25 per driver
– Association and company teams: € 1300, plus € 25 per driver.
All prices plus 19% VAT.

Regulation in the event of force majeure in particular
in relation to Corona:

If the event is canceled: 100% refund.

Eco Grand Prix Spain flag

Las 24 Horas de Navarra

El primer reto de 24h resistencia para coches eléctricos en España en el Circuito de Navarra. Casco es obligatorio. Edad del conductor min. 18 años. Se permiten paradas de recarga ilimitadas en el pit lane. Velocidad de carga máxima permitida 22kW. Enchufes trifásicos compartidos a 2 equipos de 32A disponibles. Cada equipo debe traer su propio equipo de recarga. Ningún copiloto o invitado puede conducir en el automóvil junto con el piloto. Se permiten cambios de conductor ilimitados. Cada conductor necesita una licencia DMSB C o una licencia correspondiente de las asociaciones nacionales de automovilismo. La licencia de RFEDA  (Real Federación Española de Automovilismo) (para se puede descargar en

Cuotas de inscripción para reservas rápidas antes del 31 de mayo
– Equipos privados: 400 €,  más 25 € por piloto.
– Equipos de asociación y empresa: 1.200 €, más 25 € por  piloto.
Todos precios más 19% de IVA.

Cuotas de inscripción a partir del 1 de junio
– Equipos privados: 500 €, más 25 € por piloto
– Equipos de asociación y empresa: 1.300 €, más 25 € por  piloto.
Todos precios más 19% de IVA.

Regulación en caso de fuerza mayor en particular
en relación con Corona:

Si el evento se cancela: devolución del 100%.


Eco Grand Prix electric car race UK flag

Qualifying Competition

For the first time in the history of electric car racing, a slalom race is being offered as a qualification for the starting grid of the 24-hour race, also as an individual race. So if you can’t find 3 drivers or don’t have time for a 24h race, you will have fun with this format. For just € 100 starting fee, drivers with electric cars can prove their driving skills and set the time record for their car model. Several drivers can start with the same car.
Participation is voluntary for participants in the eco Grand Prix. The front starting positions of the 24h race will be distributed to the first positions in the slalom race, the others will be raffled.

Helmets are compulsory. The DMSB C license is also valid for this race:

Registration fees
– € 100, plus 19% VAT per driver

Eco Grand Prix Spain flag

Competición clasificatoria

Por primera vez en la historia de las carreras de coches eléctricos, se ofrece una carrera de slalom como calificación para la parrilla de salida de la carrera de 24 horas, también como carrera individual. Así que si no puedes encontrar 3 pilotos o no tienes tiempo para una carrera de 24 horas, te divertirás con este formato. Por solo € 100 los conductores con coches eléctricos pueden demostrar sus habilidades de conducción y establecer el récord de tiempo para su modelo de automóvil. Varios conductores pueden salir con el mismo coche.
La participación es voluntaria para los participantes del eco Grand Prix. Las primeras posiciones de salida de la carrera 24h se repartirán entre las primeras posiciones de la carrera de slalom, las demás se sortearán.

Los cascos son obligatorios. La licencia de RFEDA también es válida para esta carrera:

Cuotas de inscripción
– 100 €, más 19% de IVA por conductor 

Eco Grand Prix electric car race UK flag

Schedule for the drivers

18:00 Registration of the teams Hotel Villa de los Arcos
20:00 Briefing
21:00 Dinner meeting (optional)
– no entering of the circuit allowed – 

09:00 Opening of the gates at the circuit 
09:15 Putting the cars to the start grid
09:30 Technical inspection
10:00 Start of the Slalom competition training lap
11:00 Start of the first Slalom competition lap
12:00 Start of the second Slalom competition lap
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Award ceremony for the winners of the Slalom
15:00 Start grid for the 24h race
16:00 Start of the eco GP 24h race

16:00 Finish of the eco GP 24h race
17:00 Award ceremony
18:00 End of the event


Please be informed that we blocked all Hotel Rooms for our event at Hotel Villa de los Arcos. In case you would need a hotel room, please click on the “BOOK HOTEL” button and we will release the needed rooms for you.

Eco Grand Prix Spain flag


18:00 Registro de los equipos Hotel Villa de los Arcos
20:00 Reunión informativa
21:00 Cena reunión (opcional)
– no se permite la entrada al circuito –

09:00 Apertura de las puertas del circuito
09:15 Poniendo los coches a la parrilla de salida
09:30 Inspección técnica
10:00 Inicio de la vuelta de entrenamiento de Slalom
11:00 Salida de la primera vuelta de competición de Slalom
12:00 Salida de la segunda vuelta de competición de Slalom
13:00 Pausa para el almuerzo
14:00 Entrega de premios para los ganadores del Slalom
15:00 Grilla de salida para la carrera de 24 horas
16:00 Salida de la carrera eco GP 24h

16:00 Fin de la carrera eco GP 24h
17:00 Ceremonia de premiación
18:00 Fin del evento


Por favor tenga en cuenta que hemos bloqueado todas las habitaciones del Hotel Villa de los Arcos para nuestro evento. En caso de que necesite una habitación, haga clic en el botón “BOOK HOTEL” y le liberaremos las habitaciones que necesita.


CarCountryTeamTeam numberSeries teamConfirmed
Kia e-NiroEco Grand Prix Spain flagfloristeriatorrens.com01
Porsche Taycan TurboMichel & Müller02
Renault ZOEEco Grand Prix Spain flagElectromaps03
Volkswagen ID.4Eco Grand Prix Spain flagCircutor-Carhaus04
Hyundai KonaEco Grand Prix Spain flagCircutor-Solmacar05
Tesla Model 3Eco Grand Prix Ukraine flagEcofactor10Eco Grand Prix electric car race medal
Tesla Model SEco Grand Prix Germany flagTesla chaot11Eco Grand Prix electric car race medal
Tesla Model SEco Grand Prix Germany flagIn-Produkt denkt elektrisch13Eco Grand Prix electric car race medal
Smart EQ fortwoEco Grand Prix Germany flage-MOTION -e-Ringe25Eco Grand Prix electric car race medal

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Only pure electric standard vehicles are allowed to start. The actual definition of a standard electric vehicle following eco Grand Prix is that it has to have passed the NCAP crash test with 4 Stars minimum or being a mass production car with minimum 500 units per year produced or in the production plan. It has to be homologated for driving at public roads at the country of competition having valid papers, insurance and car plates with the permit on driving on public roads and highways.

Every car type sets it’s record on a race track to be beaten by the same car type. Every starter who intends to start in more than one race has to announce it before starting his first race.

In case a car is coming from a nation not being in the 2020 GP POINT FACTOR list the stewards will define the home race following the distance from his home to the race track. Check the table to see when points are counting double. The points of all races of one season are added.

All drivers of a winning team will get the same points. Winners are the ones who have most of the points collected after the last race for their car category and the ones having most points in the overall category.

Every competition is having slightly different rules, please visit the dedicated competition pages to download the specific rules.

Points are also distributed to the manufacturers of the cars so driving a Tesla whatever Model will give points to Tesla, same for BMW, Porsche, Kia or whatever brand. The manufacturer with most points will get the trophy handed over officially after the last race of the season.

Cars not being standard under no circumstances can join this competition.


1st place25 GP points
2nd place20 GP points
3rd place15 GP points
4th place10 GP points
5th place7 GP points
6th place5 GP points
7th place4 GP points
8th place3 GP points
9th place2 GP points
10th place1 GP point



Bucharest Super Slalom



Czech Republic221

Calculating other nations with factor 1 to the nearest country.

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Copyright © by international 2021 ecoGP organisations.
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